Unified V-Mail

PBXPAD's Unified Voicemail

PBXPAD's unified voicemail solution allows you to use a single mailbox for your SIP phones as well as any mobile phone(s) and PSTN line(s) that support conditional call diversion.

It can be deployed as an integral part of PBXPAD's FlexPBX solution or as an add-on to an existing VoIP or legacy PBX system.

With PBXPAD's unified voicemail solutions your employees will enver miss a voice message again, regarless of whether somebody called the users cellphone or deskphone.


An unlimited number of devices, such as SIP phones, GSM or CDMA cellphones, WiFI SIP phones etc. can use the same mailbox.

Users get notified of new voicemails by SMS*, email, or on their Blackberry device.

E-Mails can also have the actual voice message attached.

Users can optionally access a local dialotone when access their messages. This allows them to place calls as if they were at their desk phone. This feature can for used for compliance, e.g. call recording or for example international toll saving.

PBSPAD's unified voicemail solution is secure because messages are stored on your local network.

Users access their voicemail from their cellphones in the same way as if they were using their carrier's mailbox.

Users can optionally manage their voicemail messages via web interface or mobile interface, change their PIN, time zone, e-mail address and permissioned voicemail access numbers.

Key Advantages

  • no more missed messages
  • SMS notification to several phones*
  • Voicemail to e-mail
  • Direct Inward System Access
  • Secure Voicemail
  • Transparent Use
  • End-User Web Interface & Mobile Interface