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PBXPAD'S VoIP conferencing solution allows you to host your own conferences, with your own dedicated dial-in numbers. VOice conferencing comes standard with PBXPAD's FlexPBX business phone solution but is also offered as add-on to your existing phone system and compatible with all major vendors.


With PBXPAD's conferencing solution you have the ability to run your own conference rooms under your full control.

With additional call recording, you record and control all sensitive information. Data is stored in a relational database for easy look-up and CTI integration.

There are no additional per minute costs, except for any PSTN charges. PBXPAD's conferencing solution also supports direct SIP dial-in which reduces costs even further with the added feature of being able to get your own Toll-Free (800) number from PBXPAD routed directly to the conference room.

Users can optionally access a local dialotone when access their messages. This allows them to place calls as if they were at their desk phone. This feature can for used for compliance, e.g. call recording or for example international toll saving.

PBXPAD's conferencing solution can be setup with local dial in numbers in over 30 countries worldwide. These are your own dedicated numbers and can be used for other purposes as well.

All of PBXPAD's managed solutions are continuously monitored and allow us to react quickly to any potential issues.

Key Advantages

  • dedicated and secure rooms
  • on-premise call recording
  • no additional per minute costs
  • dedicated dial-in numbers
  • 24X7 monitoring network